Raw Material Incoming

Each material that come to our warehouse undergo a quality checking process. If the material is found to be defect or didn’t pass our quality standard, we will contact our supplier for further action.

Printing and Coating

Printing 2 color, 4 color or 6 color as according to customer requirement. The printing process is supervise by our well-trained and experience worker to ensure a quality output.

Cutting and Trimming

Cutting Paper sheet and board according to customer specification. The Process is monitored by our trained personnel to ensure product quality free of any error.

Gluing and Boxing

Gluing is done 100% by our automated machine & the process is done by our well trained workers.

Packing and Labeling

All finish goods are packed & wrapped to make sure the goods will not fall while delivery. It also to make sure the goods were clean from the dust. We will check the customer order before we pack the finish goods to ensure no problems after delivery.


Delivery is always about time, we strive to make sure we meet our customer’s delivery date. We also have our own transportation to deliver the goods on time.

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